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Namaramayanam is the sloka in hymn form of the Ramanayana one of the great epics of Bharata kandam, that is India. It starts with Rama as a small prince in Ayodhya kingdom,and going with Sage Viswamithra to conquer Thadagai, and then Going to Mithilapuri to marry Sitadevi. Then going to forest withLakshman and Sita devi because of  the two boons procured by mother Kaikeyi from King Dasaratha. His brother Bharatha ruling the kingdom with the best wished from Lord Rama. Rama had acquaintance with Sugriva and Hanuman.In the meanwhile Matha Sita was taken by Lankeshwar Ravana, Rama went with Sugriva, Hanuman and their Vanara Sena to Srilanka and became victorious in that battle and came back to Ayodhya with Sita Devi.


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