Bilvashtakam by SPB

9 years ago

Bilvashtakam hymn is sung by SPB in praise of Lord Shiva who is in Mount Kailash. Bilva is a sacred leaf which is loved by Lord Mahadeva. We use Bilva leaves to do archana while chanthing mantras to Lord Shiva. If one does bilva leaf archana to Lord Shiva it demolishes our three births sins. One leaf archana is equal to sahasranama archana to the Lord. It gives so much good for the person who do puja with Bilva leaves. It gives UmaMaheswara vritam Punyam, It gives Annandanam punyam with a single leaf archana to the Lord. At last all our sins are wiped off with this bilva leaf archana to Lord Maheswara.


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